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Toys 101

Have you ever heard of or been to a Tupperware party? Think of this workshop like a Tupperware party for sex toys! This workshop offers a range of toy showcasing and allows attendees to touch, feel, and become acquainted with all different kinds of toys categorized by physical genitals. Questions are always welcome and encouraged! Bring your friends, your family, and, most importantly, your curiosity and an open mind.


-For people with vulvas

-For people with penises

-For people with ambiguous or intersex genitalia

-For people with disabilities, sexual dysfunction, or other physical difficulties

Want to bring your partner in on the fun? Sign up for a couples Toys 101 workshop, specifically geared towards partnered play. Note that all workshops welcome anyone, partnered or not, but couples workshops are designed to foster intimacy and connection whereas regular workshops are intended for group learning.


-Couples with vulvas

-Couples with penises

-Couples with both vulvas and penises

Image by Alexander Grey

Bondage 101

Your introduction to kink! This workshop includes all the basics to tying up, getting tied up, handcuffing, blindfolds, shackles, and more. This is your in for learning the ropes. Don’t get tied down to one kind of sex for the rest of your life - get tied up!


-Solo (friends and family welcome)

-For couples

Image by freestocks

Communication 101

This workshop should really be a prerequisite to the rest of the workshops offered, and, I implore you to take it before you take any of the couples workshops. Communication is a necessary, vital part of sex and intimacy. This workshop offers a complete guide to communicating your needs and wants to your partner(s) as well as learning how to communicate effectively with yourself.


-Solo (friends and family welcome)

-For couples

The couples section will include one-on-one mini discussions and practice sessions with you and your partner(s) that are guided by myself to allow you to be in a safe space while you discover the connection and value in communicating effectively.

Image by Brett Jordan

Safer Sex 101

Perfect for people just beginning their sexual journey, this workshop covers the basics of safe sex without all the myths, fear, and abstinence-based methods found in other settings. In this workshop, we will talk about contraception, prophylactic measures, STI testing, STI protection and briefly cover STI symptoms, concerns, and treatments so that you have all the tools in your toolbelt for having the safest sex possible! This workshop is also a great pre-requisite, and I recommend taking it before you begin any sort of sexual act, including with yourself - safe is sexy!

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