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To Read While You Eat Chocolate

Thank you for taking the time to click through my site! I hope you're well on your way to learning about yourself already. If you haven't yet, be sure to get in touch either using the tabs above or the message center at the bottom of the page, on any page. You can also email me and call me, if that's easier for you. So, what are you waiting for? Become Sextraordinary! 

Gaining your trust and building a relationship with you is my first and highest priority, always. I will never share your information, session topics, blah blah blah with anyone. If you do want me to share something we have discussed, I will get written and verbal permission from you beforehand. Confidentiality is vital to ensuring our space is a safe one and I always want you to feel like you can tell me anything. I do not have mandatory reporting. 

If there comes a time when I feel like my services aren’t serving you best, I will refer you to someone I trust who I believe can offer you what you’re looking for. I am not a medical doctor and I cannot diagnose or treat medical issues, nor can I diagnose, prescribe medications for, or treat psychological issues. If we decide that you’re needing help I cannot offer, I will refer you to someone I trust who I believe can help you in those ways.

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