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Sextracurricular Acvitities

These workshops are one step up from the basics, but are still perfect for beginners. They are designed to enhance the sex you are already having or give you the confidence to get yourself back out there and experience better sex! All workshops are intended for everyone, regardless of gender expression, gender identity, gender assigned at birth, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, or religious background.

Mindful Sex Workshop

This workshop is designed for people who want to experience fuller pleasure. More and more research is constantly being done to examine the role of the mind in sex, specifically a relaxed, mindful state of mind. The research tells us that mindful sex has a truckload of benefits, not just for you but for your partner and your future self, too! Join in this workshop to learn all about those benefits and how you can have better sex and experience more pleasure using mindfulness techniques. LIKE MIND CONTROL!!


Orgasm Du Jour Workshop

How you experience your orgasms is vastly different day-to-day, depending on so many factors! Even what you have for breakfast can influence how you have orgasms. This workshop will walk you through tools for how you can have the best orgasm for you, today, because every day holds a slightly different outcome and it can change based on what you’re feeling or noticing within yourself. It’s important to recognize this in order to have the best orgasms and allow grace and acceptance for however your orgasms will be. Come and learn about how your body wants to orgasm and find your recipe for the best orgasm for you, today!


Pleasure-Focused Sex Workshop

Pleasure and sex can be directly linked, but sometimes it can be difficult to experience the fullest sense of pleasure for ourselves based on our day-to-day stressors like work, family, etc. This workshop offers tools to help you reconnect with yourself and really focus on feeling pleasure, not orgasm - something we often forget to think about. Orgasm doesn’t always have to be the goal in any sexual act, but pleasure (amongst other things)  should be! Join me in this workshop to learn about how to feel all sorts of pleasure from skin-tingling pleasure to mental bliss.

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This category of workshops offers a more somatic and movement-based approach to bettering your sex life. We will discuss some of these in detail during private sessions as well, and practice always makes almost perfect.

Yoga For Sex

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Yoga for sex is a one-hour yoga session that allows you to be mindful and feel your body while gaining strength, endurance, and muscle movements that can make sex easier if you’re feeling a little creaky. For all ages, yoga for sex helps you find inner peace and inner pleasure before even getting to the bedroom so you can experience a fuller sense of pleasure when you do have sex. Benefits of yoga for sex include increased endurance, increased flexibility, increased sensation and pleasure, increased sense of peace and stillness, better orgasms, and more! Movements include kegel exercises, pelvic floor exercises, stretching and flow practices, and others. Every movement can be adapted to fit your body’s needs, so don’t worry if you feel like you can’t do what others are doing - we will find a way for you to get the most out of yoga for sex in a way that’s right for your body’s needs!

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