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What Is Sex Coaching?

Sex coaches offer clients a safe space to discuss extremely personal topics like sex, sexuality, masturbation, fantasies, etc. As a sex coach, I guide clients to where they want to be in their sex life using educational techniques and facts as well as encouragement, acceptance, transparency, and open-minded discussions. This journey can be difficult for a lot of people to face on their own, and that’s the best part about having your own sex coach: you’re never on your own! I’ll be right beside you, helping you build your self-efficacy and self-confidence to get youto where you want to be.

A Sextraordinary Session

A typical session with me can include a wide variety of topics, discussions, and somatic work. You might find yourself beginning the session with asking a sex question, like “How does a rabbit vibrator actually work?”, and we will use that as our building block. To answer most questions like this, I love my clients to be able to touch and interact with toys, objects, somatic sensations, or body movements in an educative way instead of a lecture hall format. Typically, I give clients ample time to get to know toys while explaining the mechanisms behind why they feel the way they do. It is important to note that this does not include clients using the toys on their genitals during our sessions, though they are encouraged to go home and purchase their own if they feel called to do so. My sessions do not include any form of nudity or sexual acts. 

Asking For A Friend...

Some of the main questions we will center our sessions around are: 

-How can I bring myself more pleasure and fulfillment in my sex life?

-What else does my sexuality have to offer me?

-What is already inside of me that I can pull out to make life tastier?

Your personal growth and development are always the main focus. I accompany you, step-by-step to discuss, implement, and reach your goals as you enjoy the journey along the way.

Hot Messes

I believe that every human is a unique summation of wonderful, scary, beautiful, unpredictable, messy, amazing qualities. My sessions are, therefore, hardly uniform in concept - my aim is to discover a program that works best for you, with you, drawing from my background in psychology, ethnic studies, peer education, motivational interviewing, and other skills I have been fostering for several years. 

I use motivational interviewing and active listening as my main pillars, as well as facilitative and socratic discussions where you are in control and I’m in the coach’s chair, cheering you on and offering advice along the way.

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