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About Sextraordinary Coaching

Watching myself grow and learn from others, find new joys, and discover my truths and passions every day is what makes life scrumptious, zesty, luscious, glorious, and splendorous to me. I am ever open to finding the pleasures in uncomfortability and learning to enjoy uncomfortable feelings, as they are almost always growing pains and can lead ultimately to blooming in ways we never imagined for ourselves.



I help people learn about how they can have the best sex possible for them, connect with partners, and feel their best through education and pleasure-centered somatic work.

Loaded Questions

-Do you find yourself wondering if you could be experiencing more pleasure?

-Are you asking a lot of questions that you can’t find the answers to?

-Are you seeking clarity in your sex life?

-Are you bored with the sex you’re having?

-Do you want to experience more desire, naturally?

I welcome your challenges, your insecurities, and your struggles. I see your good intentions, and your doubts, and your inevitable question marks. Let’s come together and focus on getting you where you want to be. My goal is for you to leave every coaching conversation feeling renewed, re-energized, and re-ignited with passion, desire, and pleasure as well as confidence in yourself that you have all the strength that you need already inside of you. 


-One-on-one sessions, per minute.............$2

-One-on-one sessions, one hour...............$125

-Couples sessions, one hour...................$250

-Couples (2+ attendees) sessions, two hours.......$375

Interested in a monthly or annual plan?

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